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1. Rechargeable Li battery, DC 4.5V 1A, capacity 1800 / 4400mAh
2.6-12pcs 5050 RGB LED; RGB Color Change 16
3. Waterproof type: IP65
4. Infrared remote control
5. 100% White PE Plastic Shell Material

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Sphere with RGBW LED light and rechargeable. Ideal both indoors and outdoors.

Resistant to extreme weather conditions and UV rays, thanks to its IP68 protection factor and to its manufacture in polyethylene. These qualities make it suitable for use in places with high humidity such as swimming pools, gardens, beach bars, chill out, relaxation areas or Spa. In addition, it has an IR remote control (infrared) that allows to handle the light RGBW at our whim and a rechargeable battery that makes possible the use of the furniture in areas away from a point of light.

Wide possibilities of decoration, either individually or combined with other types of furniture.

Working Time: 8-6 hours (approximately).

* The remote control does not include batteries

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